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Who is Breanna King?

Hello everyone! My name is Breanna King and I am a sophomore marketing major with certificates in data analytics, innovation and entrepreneurship attending the University of Pittsburgh. During my freshman year of college, I decided to start a small photography business. 

When I got to college, I noticed that not many freshman business majors were able to get their LinkedIn headshots taken. Having a camera, I decided to start taking headshots of some of my friends to enhance their profiles. When I was younger, I would always take photos in my free time and even mess with filters online.  As time went on, my "side hustle" turned into a full-blown business! 

Not only do I love taking photos of my fellow peers, but I was able to develop my creative skills with photography. Also, the ability to make a bit of pocket change during college was also a plus, of course!


Outside of Photography, who is Breanna?

1486 Labs Content Manager 

Outside of photography, I am currently content manager at 1486 Labs. 1486 Labs is a startup company in data analytics that is focused on creating a community for buyers and sellers of external data. I began working with an adjunct Pitt Professor, Andy Hannah and 5 other students in this company. My role is to oversee the content creation process and LinkedIn to educate on the relevance and significance of external data for professionals going through the buying process. By studying the emergence of various exchanges, 1486 Labs has identified a need for transparency and standards. I love working at 1486 Labs and I am excited to see how my role expands in the upcoming months!

Pitt Eats Marketing Intern

Along with 1486 Labs, I am also an intern at the Pitt Eats office at the University of Pittsburgh. My main responsibility is to generate social media posts showcasing products and promotions to enhance Pitt Eat's online presence. I also implement camera and editing techniques to produce and edit content to be displayed around the campus and on social media platforms. 

SmallDotBig Public Relations Intern

At this internship, I work with Laurie Barkman, CEO of SmallDotBig LLC to assist in podcast publishing, scheduling and website updating. Also, I recently started creating a content calendar/posting schedule for Laurie's personal LinkedIn, SmallDotBig's LinkedIn and Succession Stories Podcasts. 

Phi Beta Lambda Vice President of Public Relations

On campus I am involved in a professional business organization known as Phi Beta Lambda (PBL). As Co-Vice President of Public Relations, my primary responsibility is to create and publish The Eagle, which is our newsletter. Throughout the semester, I gather articles, images and notable information from the numerous events that we hold. 

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